IE Browser 'infected' by rogue search engine

  The Griffin 16:40 01 May 04

My browser (Internet Explorer v6) seems to have become 'infected' by a rogue search engine ( - which constantly resets itself to default 'Homepage'. I've tried most things I know to try and get rid of it - but the pesky thing won't lie down and die. I'm running Windows 98SE and have a good Anti-virus package (Trend-Micro PC-Cillin)
1) How can I get rid of it?
2) How can I stop it - and similar - coming back?
3) Any ideas how it got past the Anti-virus programme?

All advice gratefully accepted!

  Diodorus Siculus 16:43 01 May 04

1 - click here
AdAware click here
Spybot-S&D click here

These will (should) remove it.

2 - HomePage guard will keep it away; sorry, I lost my link.

3 - how it got there was possibly either through you installing something or clicking OK somewhere without realising what was what.

  byfordr 21:33 01 May 04

click here start page guard
click here - spyware blaster (stop nasties getting on)
As Diodorus Siculus says spybot, adaware or cwshredder should do the business. When clean add the above.


  Camille 21:37 01 May 04

When you install spybot - also ensure that you select the immunise option to prevent this sort of thing happening again

  The Griffin 22:54 01 May 04

Many thanks for all advice - I've installed Adaware and Start Page Guard - and the problem seems to have been resolved. Thanks again.

  The Griffin 21:33 02 May 04

Well actually - I spoke too soon! When I turned on the computer on the next occasion - back it came! I now know that I had unintentionally shipped a Browser Hijack programme. After doing a lot of research on the net - it seemd that the programme that had attacked my PC wasn't too bad (at least it didn't appear to be of the CoolWebSearch variety - some of which can be particularly nasty apparently). Ad-Aware was not on its own sufficiently powerful to do the job - so I downloaded Spybot - Search & Destroy. Running this finally cleaned up my system - but I have also now installed Spyware Blaster for further protection. Fortunately I didn't have to use HijackThis which looks a tad complicated - but there's a very good website that has tutorials in all the above click here . I can also recommend click here. But above all I recommend that everyone gets protection from this menace - its taken me several hours to rid my PC of this problem! Hope this helps

  Diodorus Siculus 23:39 02 May 04

I usually advocate that people use both AdAware and Spybot S&D together and that will sort most problems.

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