IE 8 64 bit Norton

  highside 14:54 27 Mar 10

Hi, anyone help please, have IE 8 32bit & IE 64bit with win 7 64bit - There is no Norton Toolbar selection available in the IE 8 64bit version, the only extra bar available is googles.

In IE8 32bit the Norton bar is there for selection?

I like the Norton safe Site facility which is selectable from Norton toolbar.

  sunnystaines 16:22 27 Mar 10

try norton forum for similar posts

click here

  highside 18:13 27 Mar 10

Thanks, it is stated there that Norton add ons do not work for IE8.
I recently got Win 7 64 bit which has IE8 32bit and 64 bit selectable so will have to use IE 32bit.
Seems odd but in my experience its the big companies that dont keep up especially as 64 bit stuff has been around some time now.

  User-1229748 19:38 27 Mar 10

seems with alot of the windows 7 pc's preloaded with 64 bit they are trying to give it a push.

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