I.E. 7 woes

  Joe R 20:07 17 Jan 07

Hi all,

after a format of my "C" drive at the weekend,
I am having major problems with my automatic updates, and Internet Explorer 7.

For the last two days, every time I turn on my P.C., it tells me that there is an update to be installed, (IE7), but after validation is successfully passed, it goes through the routine of installation, it then comes up with the window saying "updates were unable to be successfully installed" and to restart my computer, to finish my installation.

After reboot, the update is shown again, wishing to be installed.

I am not bothering about IE7 being installed in the first place, as I have used Firefox for a few years now, but it is becoming a major pain, with this update, as if I turn off autmoatic updates, the pop-ups from security centre are very annoying, and the same procedure is just recurring over and over.

Anyone have any ideas of how to sort this.

Thanks and regards Joe.

  GaT7 20:10 17 Jan 07

Try this click here. G

  pcbobby 20:29 17 Jan 07

I also had problems with IE7 and updates that I did not want, I installed this click here software to stop pop baloons etc, and automatic updates.

  Joe R 20:31 17 Jan 07


thanks for the link, all sorted, though I would like to know why it wouldn't install on my system in the first place.

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