IE 7 info please

  golfpro 08:25 17 Nov 06

Is IE7 ready now to download from Microsoft, or is it still in Beta version.
I ask this because if I download it, I want something thats tried and tested and works OK.
Does it work OK now?????

  Graham. 08:26 17 Nov 06

OK now.

  anskyber 08:35 17 Nov 06

Its fine, just have a quick scim though the release notes first. The main thing to look out for is updating your add in toolbars if you have any (eg Google)

Are you on BT Broadband?

  Graham. 08:36 17 Nov 06

You may want this

click here

  golfpro 09:26 17 Nov 06

No I don't have BT, as I live in Austria I have my local cable BB.
Thats another question, my current OS (XP home) is in German. If I download IE from the Microsoft site ie here:
click here
Will it be in English, which is what I would like, or will it default to German?

  anskyber 09:28 17 Nov 06

During set up you have the chance to chose language. Its also available in options after download.

  Cymro. 10:46 17 Nov 06

Why do you ask if golfpro is on B.T.
I ask as I am on B.T. and wonder if there is something I should watch out for on IE7.

  anskyber 10:51 17 Nov 06

This is my long preprepared answer!

BT and some NTL or Blueyonder broadband users have experienced error message like "SmartBridge Alerts:-Alert BT Help Notifier.exe (or MotiveSB.exe for NTL or IST for Blueyonder) Entry Point Not Found The procedure entry point GetProcessImageFileNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library PSAPI.DLL"

This relates to the BT ( NTL, Blueyonder) desktop helper. The simplest way to deal with it is to uninstall it if you do not use it or take it out of your start up list. The program name will be something like Motive Communications or Motive SB.

Alternatively, 1. Navigate to the installation location for SmartBridge via My Computer (\Program Files\Alert BT Help Notifier.exe (or Motive SBexe. for NTL or IST\SmartBridge for Blueyonder)
2. Find PSAPI.DLL and rename it to something like PSAPIOLD.DLL
3. Reboot the system

The program will find the new PSAPI.DLL in the \Windows\System32 directory and function normally.

To disable a start up program click here
Or, if you have Spybot Search and Destroy use their start up control tool.

  golfpro 10:54 17 Nov 06

I have now got IE7, and the "Menue on top" seems like a good option. However I downloaded the zip file but I can't get the thing to work.

  anskyber 10:58 17 Nov 06

Hi, not trying to stop you having what you want but I have got rid of the menu bar. My reason for doing so is that all the features are withing the drop down parts of the command icons, the menu bar is just a repeat. It give slightly more screen space.

  Cymro. 11:03 17 Nov 06

Thanks very much for that brilliant bit of help.
Very much appreciated.

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