IE 11 and site speed.

  rdave13 19:17 10 Jan 14

We're off again, just now PCA is flying again using Internet Explorer. Anyone else using IE?

When it slows I usually turn to Firefox but back to my favourite browser for now.

  mart7 19:44 10 Jan 14

Yes i am always have and havent had any slowdown,few other problems now and again but nothing like the amount of difficulty some have on here

  Woolwell 21:52 10 Jan 14

Jock1e - It would seem that your problems are not around today.

  rdave13 23:42 10 Jan 14

To be fair I don't have any ad blockers on IE only on Firefox. So when the 'long script' is about it slows IE and then I open Ff.

  rdave13 12:44 11 Jan 14

Still faster than usual for me.

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:59 11 Jan 14

This site has been running well, mostly, on Opera 18, for weeks.

  rdave13 17:11 06 Mar 14

I don't know what switch Towers use but it's blazingly fast today.

  rdave13 17:12 06 Mar 14

Struggling to get used to it lol.

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