IE 10 router issue - cant see it

  awest3 10:05 AM 23 Mar 13

Just installed IE 10 on my Dell Inspiron 520s. I have an issue in that I cant see my router stats anymore. If I type as usual all I get is constantly revolving circle on the tab. I can see the router perfectly ok from my Ipad. Anyone know if this a known problem with IE 10 or have I just not set it up correctly?

Thanks Al

  Secret-Squirrel 10:13 AM 23 Mar 13

IE10's "Compatibility View" may help with this issue - have a look here.

  iscanut2 10:14 AM 23 Mar 13

It should be or

  awest3 10:16 AM 23 Mar 13

thanks, tried that but it made no difference.

  iscanut2 10:19 AM 23 Mar 13

Are you sure ? You have the numbers the wrong way round in your original post ! It works for me in IE10.

  awest3 10:26 AM 23 Mar 13

yes it was a typo on my post...fingers faster than brain..


I think I'll do a restore and see if that cures it

  awest3 10:45 AM 23 Mar 13

Well I've uninstalled IE 10 and everything works ok now.... must be to do with my set up somehow. Others are not having an issue with this..

I'll try and sort it and report back.


  awest3 10:42 AM 11 Apr 13

Windows update reinstalled ie10 today and the same problem cropped up.

Never did solve this.

  awest3 15:24 PM 11 Apr 13

thanks I'll give it a try. Al


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