Identifying posible sender of infected e-mail

  marjted 16:39 12 Mar 05

Have had a number of Worm infected e-mails filtered out by my ISP over the last week or so. The notification from the ISP identifies the sender as similar to

mailto:[email protected] ...I've changed the numbers.

Is there an easy way of identifying the senders without asking the ISP every time?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:46 12 Mar 05

It is a pointless task. Most senders are unaware that they are sending infected mails and if they were aware that they were sending mail they would use a disposable address. Even if you do manage to contact them what can you do? They could be on another continent. Just delete the mail and forget it.


  Gongoozler 16:51 12 Mar 05

Most of these emails don't really come from the apparent sender. What usually happens is that someone has your email address on their computer, but doesn't have effective antivirus. The computer gets infected by a worm that reads the contents of the address book. The email is then sent to you purporting to come from someone else whose address has been lifted from another unprotected computer. The only cure is for everyone to have effective antivirus software.

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