identify memory

  joe95 14:58 13 Mar 06

I am want install more memory, current 512.have run Belarc but doesn't identify memory.
System model American megatrends.
Main circuit board K7S8X
Bus clock 166mgh.
was advised 2yrs ago when I bought PC was upgradeable but shop has since vanished.
Any help appreciated.

  phono 15:05 13 Mar 06

I take it this is your mobo click here it will take up to DDR 400 RAM but in the following combinations only:

DDR 266 Max. 3GB
DDR 333 Max. 2GB
DDR 400 Max. 1GB

You will need to see what you currently fitted, does the initial POST screen tell you what speed it is? Maybe it will be displayed in the BIOS setup screen.

  medicine hat 15:06 13 Mar 06

This might assist click here

  ed-0 15:09 13 Mar 06

Run cpu-z. This will tell you the spped of your memory. click here

  ed-0 15:09 13 Mar 06

It may also tell you the speed of your

  ed-0 15:16 13 Mar 06

Look under the spd tab click here. Make sure you use the drop down box on the slot's to check all memory moduels.

The module size and max bandwidth recordings are the one's you need.

  joe95 15:38 13 Mar 06

thanks all Max band width PC2700-166MHz
core speed 2083.0 MHz
1slot- 512
2slot- empty
3slot empty

  phono 17:31 13 Mar 06

You currently have PC2700-166MHz RAM fitted which is DDR 333, remember it is Double Data Rate so the 166MHz is multiplied by 2 giving you the DDR 333 figure.

Apologies if you already knew this.

  joe95 23:15 13 Mar 06

I didn't know that.
now I know what to get.
Thanks everyone.

  phono 22:39 14 Mar 06

No problem just remember that the maximum for this board is DDR 333 Max. 2GB.

  Stuartli 22:54 14 Mar 06

Everest Home Edition, from Motherboard>SPD will inform you not only of the type of memory etc., but also the manufacturer and module name (model number).

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