IDE controller is SATA

  robbg 21:36 16 Jul 04

Hi Everyone.
I am about to uprate my motherboard with a new one that has the latest Serial ATA, which is faster than the current Parallel.
Now I have been told that it wont work my hard drives, and that I will need special cabeling.
I didnt forsee all this.
Can anyone please explain what extra's I need to get and will it work with my old parts connected to it.
Very much obliged.

  Totally-braindead 21:43 16 Jul 04

I presume the board you are thinking of buying or already have is SATA only. If this is the only reason you're upgrading I'd just get a PCI SATA controller and put that in your present PC. Regarding the extras I have no idea what they mean unless they're on about you having to buy a SATA drive, the motherboard should come with the relative cabling. You could buy a board that has SATA and IDE that way you could use your existing hard drives now and add on another SATA drive later.

  robbg 21:55 16 Jul 04

No its not the only reason I am upgrading. I just want to make it a faster more reliable machine, as this is now over 3 years old. And I am uping the motherboard, processor and memory, before my old bits get so dated that I cant sell them on. The board I am looking at is a
"Asus-p4p80vm". as its got graphics and sound built in.
Thanks for your help

  Totally-braindead 22:04 16 Jul 04

Can't find it on the Asus website, you say its got onboard graphics and sound, make sure it has an AGP slot if you later decide to upgrade the graphics.

  cga 22:11 16 Jul 04

Signal cabling for SATA is different to your existing IDE cabling.
You have 3 choices:
1) A MOBO with both IDE and SATA connectors.
2) A MOBO with SATA connectors and a PCI card to connect your old drives until they are finished with.
3) An IDE motherboard and a SATA add in card (speed restricted by the PCI bus).
Other than that you either stay IDE or throw your old drives away

  robbg 22:12 16 Jul 04

Its on the Novatech and the Aria sites. Its £65.80 give or take a bit. O I yes its got an AGP slot. Sorry missed an "0" out of it. Its 800 not 80.

  Dorsai 22:18 16 Jul 04

There is S-ATA, and there is IDE, and never the twain shall meet.

They are completely different technology. It's like a gas cooker and an electric cooker. They both work, but they are completely different.

You can't put a square plug in a round hole, however much you would you would like to to fit.

  robbg 22:19 16 Jul 04

Thats answered my questions. Thank you wery much all of you. Your certainly a clever bunch of people out there
Kind regards

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