ID Number for M/S Word????

  mentalman 17:22 02 Apr 03

I recently had to restore my computer using the recovery discs, but now I can't access M/S word or works because it wants a 25 digit ID number that was supplied with the original discs. It says the number will be on the licence or packaging, I've got the licence, but no number. The shop were I got the PC from basically said "tuff". Any ideas would be greatfully accepted.

  Djohn 17:27 02 Apr 03

The licence is just the paper that the product key number is printed on.

If you have the licence, then you should have the product key. If not then a quick call to Microsoft, giving the details will result in them giving you a 25 digit no to input to your PC. J.

  Rtus 17:30 02 Apr 03

Every M/S licence Ive seen has the Product key bonded to It Have you emailed / contacted Microsoft? They may be able to help..

  Djohn 01:00 03 Apr 03

Any luck yet, in finding your number, have you had a response from M/S? J.

  mentalman 08:31 03 Apr 03

Thanks Djohn, Icontacted microsoft this AM and got the number. TA

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