ICS Problems

  woodbexhill 19:25 16 Jan 03
  woodbexhill 19:25 16 Jan 03

Connected to Internet on laptop via Alcatel Speedtouch USB to my ADSL provider.

Linked laptop and PC to hub.

Ran Home Networroking wizard on Laptop, and shared Connection.

Ran wizard on PC, set it to connect to this computer for the internet.

Once wizard had completed, the internet connection was there under Network Connections.

I can sign into MSN Messenger from the PC but am unable to recieve emails or browse the internet.

The emails remain at 0% received, and webpages status bar doesn't move. I have to press Stop to be able to use Internet Explorer...

Any Ideas Whats Up?

Thanks In Advance, Please Help :)

  jazzypop 19:47 16 Jan 03

Did you uninstall all firewalls before running ICS?

If not, uninstall them, run the Network Wizard on the laptop again, and make the floppy that it offers. Run the floppy on the desktop, reboot both (laptop first).

Assuming that all now works OK, re-install firewalls.

Note that it is often not enough to disable the firewalls, especially if it is ZoneAlarm - that have to be uninstalled fully.

  woodbexhill 19:50 16 Jan 03

Ah Ok!

I'll remove the Norton tools from the PC, and follow your Instructions!


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