Icons sitting on top of one another

  Legolas 19:25 24 Feb 05

Some of the Icons on my desktop are sitting on top of other Icons if I drag one of another one takes its place. I have never seen this before and it has me strunped any ideas.

  cycoze 19:27 24 Feb 05

Have you tried using auto arrange ? see if they stay put with that.

  Legolas 19:33 24 Feb 05

I have tried that no use, it is very strange I have never seen anything like it before, there must be a corruption somewhere. Thanks for the suggestion anyway

  Legolas 19:41 24 Feb 05

By switching of auto arrange on the desktop I can now drag the icons from the top of the other icons. I now have two My Computer,Recycle Bin, and My Network Icons The ones I can drag I can also open The other set are fixed on my desktop and do not respond to any action from the mouse including delete. Any ideas anyone?

  stalion 19:52 24 Feb 05
  Simsy 20:32 24 Feb 05

because it doesn't seem to fit with how I invisage what you've described in the first post...

However, I have heard of a little prank where someone take a scrren capture of your desktop then sets that picture as your desktop background.

Could this perhaps be what has happened?

It should be easy to determine if it is... just change the background picture.

Apologies if I'm up the wrong tree again!



  Technotiger 20:35 24 Feb 05

Hi, try running the Desktop Cleanup Wizard - right-click on desktop go to Arrange Icons by, then Desktop Cleanup Wiz.


  Legolas 21:09 24 Feb 05

You were completely correct Simsy, although the one playing the prank on me was me.

Now that I have stopped laughing I will explain.

A couple of weeks ago I was selling my 17" tft on ebay, to help the sale I took a screen capture of my desktop which is a photo of a beautiful sunset taken from Seamill on the west coast of Scotland looking over to The Isle of Arran.

The screen capture was subsequently saved in the My Pictures folder and then in some way replaced the original picture as my desktop so the icons I couldnt move were part of the screen capture picture and the real icons were sitting over them.

I am glad this is being worked out over the Internet and no one can see my red face :-).

Once again a big thank you to Simsy for setting me down the right path.

  stalion 21:11 24 Feb 05

you must look a picture,glad you got it sorted.

  Legolas 21:55 24 Feb 05

Here is the picture I have on my desktop click here

  Simsy 16:10 25 Feb 05

is a picture of your red face!



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