Icons missing on taskbar

  hawthorn59 16:39 29 Sep 09

Hi folks

Im missing some icons on the taskbar (thats the bar across the bottom isnt it...? ) since I used my laptop away from home last Sunday on a different wireless connection.

I no longer have the one for volume control, and also the one that shows my wireless connection.

Im sure its a simple matter to put them back but I cant remember how!



  chub_tor 17:11 29 Sep 09

Right Click the Toolbar, Select Properties, Go to the Notification Area Tab, make sure that Volume and Network boxes are ticked

  Technotiger 17:11 29 Sep 09

Volume Control - Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices tick box for Icon on Task bar.

Wireless connection - Start>Connect to>Show All Connections tick box to Show Icon in notification area etc ...

  chub_tor 17:12 29 Sep 09

Sorry should have said Task Bar not Tool Bar.

  rawprawn 17:40 29 Sep 09

Try this click here

  hawthorn59 02:51 30 Sep 09

chub_tor the volume and network boxes are grayed out and I cant tick them!

Technotiger...in sounds and audio devices there is no "icon on task bar" box. And in Wireless connection there is no box to Show Icon in notification area either!!

rawprawn...Im using vista.

thanks for your efforts everybody! Dont know what has happened.


  gigagiggles 03:14 30 Sep 09


"the volume and network boxes are grayed out and I cant tick them!"

it's probably not coincidental the problem occurred after your trip away from home. your own router hardware firewall was near impenetrable. but others may have more leaks.

  birdface 08:25 30 Sep 09

maybe try msconfig and make sure both items have are ticked as running at start up.

  hawthorn59 09:56 30 Sep 09

Now I cant play music through WMP....i wonder is there a problem with the sound card? I know I go to device manager but I dont know what my sound card is called!

Should I do a system restore?


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