Icons have mysteriously change!

  fudge 12:44 24 Sep 05

Many of my files have suddenly changed their icons.

Instead of the default icons, they now display something else. That 'something else' varies with each file type but is consistent for each type of file. i.e. all .doc files, for example, have been given the Internet Explore icon, all .htm files have been given an icon from another programme, etc.

The only files affected seem to be text based (ie things like jpg's, gif's etc are not affected) and the new icon only seems to be related to a programme that would access the internet.

The wrong icon only displays within the folder each file is stored in. If the file is opened the correct icon is in the title bar.

Any idea what's caused this and how do I re-assign the correct icons (or the ones I actually want to use)?

  VoG II 12:50 24 Sep 05

Download TweakUI click here and use the Repair Icons feature.

  fudge 13:22 24 Sep 05

Thanks very much - that was easy. It's worked fine.

Any idea what would have caused it in the first place?

  VoG II 13:24 24 Sep 05

Copies of icons are stored in a cache so that your screen can refresh more quickly. If the cache gets corrupted the icons can become distorted or become the 'wrong' icons.

  fudge 13:38 24 Sep 05


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