Icons on Google Chrome.

  hooklink 10:07 26 Aug 10

Can any one throw any light on this one?? If I go to a new web site and save an shorthcut Icon onto the desk top uesing Google Chrome,then go to that Icon and change it to one I prefere, and then click on it, it opens the program but the Icon reverts to the original one. Now if I do the same useing IE the new Icon remains as I had changed it. Can't work out why???

  Ian in Northampton 12:53 26 Aug 10

Stewart: sorry I can't help, but although I love Chrome to bits and wouldn't change back to anything else, the way it handles icons is very frustrating - and a Google search tells me that many others are equally frustrated.

My pet problem (I don't mean to hijack your thread) is that Chrome 'loses' icons and arbitrarily assigns others. For example, I've lost the Gmail icon for my Gmail bookmark, and Chrome has replaced it with the icon used by by Thomson router. I've found no way of fixing this - so good luck with your query.

  Woolwell 13:05 26 Aug 10

I think that you are both talking about favicons. Ian in Northampton - this may help click here

  Ian in Northampton 14:58 26 Aug 10

Thanks Woolwell. That bears studying.

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