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  sinbad1 15:15 30 Sep 05

This happens only when doing a search for video files.......other searches are fine.

When i seach for all video's all desktop icons flash it then freezes with the MS error cannot continue and must close.

I have installed the latest graphic drivers.
tried restoreing
repaired icons
there are no viruses or spyware
used regseeker and ccleaner.
My OS is PB P4 2.8 ghz 1MB ram 120g + 40g hard drive.
with Radeon Mayo 9000 pro video card.

Has anyone had this problem or any ideas has to the cause.


  sinbad1 16:12 30 Sep 05


  sinbad1 17:02 30 Sep 05

any ideas?

  sinbad1 19:13 30 Sep 05

i may also add that this occurs even in safe mode

  sinbad1 19:53 30 Sep 05

anyone any ideas?

  VoG II 20:21 30 Sep 05

You could try the System File Checker. Start, Run, type

sfc /scannow

and click OK. You may be asked to insert your Windows CD.

click here

  sinbad1 20:46 30 Sep 05

Thanks for your reply Vog i do not have win cd
I have tried sfc to locate files on c drive ;but did not work ,can only assume these files may be currupt.

I have 3 ghost images which restoring could solve my problem:however would prefer to solve them otherwise.

Is it possible to use sfc to retreive the files needed to repair IE from these ghost images?

  VoG II 20:52 30 Sep 05

" Is it possible to use sfc to retreive the files needed to repair IE from these ghost images?"

I don't see how as you don't know which files are corrupt and SFC won't read from a Ghost image.

I would just restore a Ghost image.

  sinbad1 21:09 30 Sep 05

you are probably right , thing is the computer runs fine apart from this one issue, which is more of an annoyance than a problem. Restoring the ghost image may or may not cure this issue.

Loking at error messages, refers to invalid pixel image not sure what this means ;but perhaps this is causing the video search to faulter?

  Gongoozler 08:13 01 Oct 05

Hi sinbad1. Can you give us the full error message, this might help us understand the problem.

  sinbad1 08:28 01 Oct 05

windows explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close.

error sig

app name explorer.exe

ap version 6.029002180

mod name nevdec.ax

mod version 1.1.538

offset: 0000f959

event veiwer shows same app error, as i said its just annoying rather than a problem

thanks for your response

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