Icons of Connexant Access Runner Adsl modem.

  23790954 17:39 21 Mar 05

Several months ago I bought a new Internal Connexant Broadband modem. Although the functions of the modem worked well, I did not like the modem because it always displayed the access runner icons on the desktop. If you renamed the icon, to the same name as your ISP, it would always add another access runner icon onto your desktop when you restarted your system, meaning that you had 2 icons on your desktop. This caused cunfusion when dialling, as obviously the new access runner icon placed another adsl number in your properties. I have now reverted back to my old external modem, but as I did like the internal ADSL modem, does anybody know if there is any way, I can install the Connexant access runner modem, and avoid all the trouble with the access runner icons, avoiding them returning etc. after I change its name. Many thanks for any help given.

  ade.h 20:53 21 Mar 05

I use a Zoom internal DSL modem, which uses the Conexant chipset and behaves in a similar way. The icon is labelled Zoom PPP DSL in my case.

I found no way to change it, even through the registry, so my advice is to live with it. I did.

You'll get used to it, and it's a good modem, with none of the glitches that can sometimes befall USB modems.

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