Icon text is backwards

  kimosabi 00:03 01 Sep 06

Hi Guys
this is strange On my desktop the text under the icon is backwards on all icons bar the recycle bin any Ideas

  johnnyrocker 00:22 01 Sep 06

if xp try system restore to before the prob?


  lotvic 01:56 01 Sep 06

If your PC is clean of viruses etc. and is running normally with no other probs maybe someone has mischieviously renamed them that way.

What happens if you rightclick and Rename them yourself? Does it reverse what you type as the new name?

  Diodorus Siculus 02:46 01 Sep 06

Do you mean backwards as in a mirror image or simply the names typed backwards eg sdrawkcab ?

Try getting TweakUI and choosing the optioin to repair icons.

  kimosabi 14:25 02 Sep 06

Hi Guys
I have not been able to contact my son yet.
but to answer diodorus Yes he said to me at the time that it was a mirror image.Where do I get the tweak UT from? I wonder if I can rename the icons ???? I will come back when I can get hold of him
ps Its only the desktop icons that are wrong.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:33 02 Sep 06

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP
click here

TweakUI is here

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