Icon For Recycle bin

  DANZIG 14:34 02 Mar 05

The icon for my recycle bin has changed.

...and I can't get it back.

I had to reorganise a lot of stuff on my PC a while back and after I'd done it the normal recycle bin icon has changed into that thing that looks like a bit of paper with 3 coloured squares on it.

How do I get the normal icon back?

  Yoda Knight 14:38 02 Mar 05

what OS are you using ? TweakUI (do a search for it on the Microsoft site) has an option to repair icons in Windows 98, not sure if its there for the XP version.

Usefull to have anyway though

  SANTOS7 14:40 02 Mar 05

click here
this should help........

  DANZIG 14:41 02 Mar 05

I'm Using XP Home.

Might have a go at that Tweak thing....

I've a vague recollection that it appeared on a PCA disk ages ago...am I right??

  Yoda Knight 14:42 02 Mar 05
  buscrew 14:43 02 Mar 05

Right click the desktop, select properties/desktop/customize desktop/ select the recyle bin icon and from there change it to what you want, also remember to select two icons, one for empty and one for full

  DANZIG 14:46 02 Mar 05


Got it sorted now.


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