an icon on my external HDD

  Ikelos 07:34 24 Jul 08

Hi, i got myself a external HDD,it did have a icon when I went into "my computer" now all i have is what looks like a sheet of paper with the corner turned over, i think it was my fault, I rubbed all the files off it, so i could start again. is there any way I can put some sort of icon back. like all the other drives have.


  Technotiger 08:11 24 Jul 08

If you have not already got Tweak UI then I would advise you to download and install Power Toys for Windows, just Google for it. Within Tweak UI there is a repair Icons Cache which should fix that for you.

Power Toys for Windows is Free and very useful to have.

  Ikelos 08:37 24 Jul 08

thanks, I will download it now............

  keverne 08:50 24 Jul 08

Tweak UI will be fine if you've got XP. It's not for Vista though.

  Ikelos 09:08 24 Jul 08

:-)) downloaded it, studied it, and none the wiser.

  rawprawn 09:34 24 Jul 08

Tune up Utilities will give you an icon in Vista.
I don't know if you can use the Trial version to get your Icon, but you can buy it from Amazon for about £12
click here

  cocteau48 10:35 24 Jul 08

Have a look at Icon Tweaker
click here
(not sure if it's Vista compatible)
...then Google (free icons) for the many sites which offer free icons to download.

  Ikelos 10:46 24 Jul 08

back again, I went to the WD website, and there is software for the WD icon, so I downloaded it, and it put a line of type into the notebook, with autrun, in brackets, and also the icon, so I saved them into the WD external drive, and still it is the same, any idea what I should have done with it,

please keep it clean :-)))

  Technotiger 11:01 24 Jul 08

In Tweak UI, click on last item listed 'Repair', then you will see "Rebuild icons" alongside a button marked Repair Now, click on that and I think this will fix your icon.

  Ikelos 11:13 24 Jul 08

Hi, just tried that, it seem's not to include external hard drives. everything but......


  brundle 11:15 24 Jul 08

Did you reboot or disconnect and reconnect the drive after installing the icon? It won't refresh it otherwise.

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