Ice-cream chimes

  Graham. 19:21 18 Jan 08

Anyone know where I can download some ice-cream van chimes? I thought it would be fun to play them loudly on my car stereo.

  SANTOS7 19:27 18 Jan 08

why not buy the van and make abit of money while your doing it...

Don't wanna dampen your spirits but i think what you intand to do is a public order offence...

click here

even the most innocent of requests can have its pitfalls....

  Graham. 19:33 18 Jan 08

It's OK as long as you turn it off when you stop.

  hiwatt 19:34 18 Jan 08

I have some genuine ice cream van chimes.I can make you a cd of them if you want but I think nowhere you can download them.

  hiwatt 19:37 18 Jan 08

That should read "I don't think there's anywhere you can download them from"

  SANTOS7 19:39 18 Jan 08

Good luck to ya then Graham, don't wanna be responsible for getting you into trouble, it doesn't bother me in the slightest but there is bound to be some people out there that don't see the funny side..

hiwatts offer is typical of the people on this forum,its amazing what you can get when you ask...

  Graham. 19:42 18 Jan 08

That's very generous of you. Permission to email you my address?

  laurie53 19:43 18 Jan 08

I know some you can have.

Let me know where to send them and I'll go out Sunday afternoon and rip the damned things out!

  STREETWORK 19:44 18 Jan 08

I played the chimes through my amp and 6 speaker system at home a few years ago and it was fun to watch all the kids run out to find nowt. After a while they never bothered so when a real one comes...

  SANTOS7 19:50 18 Jan 08

Heatrless streetwork "funny" but heartless....

so what sorta car ya drivin graham.

Dodge cornet
"99" chevy

  tullie 19:57 18 Jan 08

If you were in my neighbourhood and played them when i was on night shift,i would be very impressed,dont be so imature and thoughtless.

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