i3/i5 or AMD Quad Core 6

  SweetBriar 22 Nov 11


My laptop is dying, and I need another one fast. Have always gone for Intel, but just seen one in my price range with AMD Quad Core 6 - this is clocked (as far as my limited tech knowledge goes!) at 1.6Ghz whilst the i3/i5 are at 2.4-2.5

Would there be any appreciable difference in performance for a fairly advanced, heavy but technically ignorant home user? (Surfing, music, some video watching but not serious gaming or clever multi-media stuff) I might add that the one with the AMD one (HP DV6-6102SA) has a massive 750 GB hard drive.

Any advice? My current Lenovo has been a bitter disappointment and I can't afford to make another mistake :(



  retep888™ 23 Nov 11

Both systems will serve your purpose nicely but personally I'll prefer the Intel i3/i5 system.

Of course it'll all depend on your budget too.

  SweetBriar 23 Nov 11

Thanks for that - price is roughly the same, although the HP (with the AMD) has a few more bells and whistles - like USB 3 - but I know I tend to be seduced by trimmings! Need to get the basics right - I've cream-crackered this Lenovo, I suspect! Just hoping it doesn't "die" before I can replace :(




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