I-worm/netsky B

  joe95 14:16 27 Feb 04

Ihave this virus on my system in the deleted file Outlook Express. What do I do now?
I forgot to turn on AVG after playing a game.
Thanks Joe

  Diodorus Siculus 14:25 27 Feb 04

Will AVG remove it for you now? If it is in deleted items, try emptying your trash and it might remove it.

  joe95 14:31 27 Feb 04

cleared out deleted e-mail box. I only have the free AVG basic doesn't seemto have any removal tools

  Pegasus. 14:32 27 Feb 04


I found an Alert from AVG (saying that it thought their was a 'Suspect File' in My Deleted Files folder in OE, so I Deleted the Deleted Files folder (Through Explorer), next time I Opened up OE it had a Brand New Deleted Files folder.


This was after I had opened up OE Before Looking for the Latest Update for AVG, & the day after I had received 4-5 'I-worm/netsky B' Alerts in My MailWasher.

  joe95 14:41 27 Feb 04

I have just run AVG again and it is still there, will try your suggestion

  jbaker65 14:45 27 Feb 04

you can download a little program from Sygate called Fxnetsky.exe which will remove the virus from your computeromo

  Jester2K 15:00 27 Feb 04

Stinger - click here

  joe95 15:36 27 Feb 04

Thanks everyone got the stinger and it is now sortedJoe

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