I want to Wipe My Hard drive Clean

  Bodice 08:15 22 Apr 05

I have an old pc lying around with windows XP on it this was upgraded, it has loads of corrupted files and lots of error reports. I would like to clean it totally and run the op system afresh, unlike my newer pc this does not have a f key to press to take me to recovery but i do have a recovery disc, when i ran this it just copied over the exiting windows and did nothing what would be the best thing to do.

  Graham ® 08:32 22 Apr 05

Start, Run, 'cmd', Enter.

'format c:' Enter.

  recap 08:36 22 Apr 05

You can perform a low level format option of the drive, this will delete everything that is on the drive. Including any partitions you have created.

click here for the Low Level Format optional routine.

  Graham ® 08:57 22 Apr 05

Doesn't Powermax only work on Maxtor drives?

  ventanas 09:05 22 Apr 05

No, it will work on any drive. I have used it many times since recap recommended it to me a while back.

  Bodice 11:12 22 Apr 05

thanks for your help.

  Graham ® 14:07 22 Apr 05

Noted, thanks.

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