I want a shadow in FP2003

  User-312386 21:21 09 Aug 03

Hi folks

I know this sounds weird, but i want the "Tony's Site" part of my website to have a shadow behind it. click here

I am using Front page 2003

  barryoneoff.co.uk 23:20 09 Aug 03

but most editors will add a shadow using either the 'text/format' options or 'effects'.
If not available in FP I am sure someone here will know.
Cheers, Whiz...

  User-312386 23:48 09 Aug 03

thanks mate

cant find it in FP

  Forum Editor 01:06 10 Aug 03

use your graphics software to create the word with the shadow? Save it as a gif, import it into your images folder in FP and drag it onto the shared top border.

You've missed the apostrophe out of the word Tony's on the site by the way.

  User-312386 02:25 10 Aug 03

I never thought of doing that FE

and thanks for the apostrophe bit

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