i want to sell my pc,how much do you think?

  bibo1465 22:00 08 Sep 06

Hi everyone

please i need your advise.

I have a pc bought nearly 3 years ago from carrerassc,now watford,and i am so happy with this pc.

I have windows xp2,256 MB X800 PRO ATI graphic card,19 flat screen monitor,K8SE deluxe motherboard,250 GB hard disk.

My friend wants to buy a pc not expensive,maximum £500.

How much do you think i should sell it?
please advise me.

I want to buy new faster PC.

thank you so much for your help.


  woodchip 22:13 08 Sep 06

Cost new and what CPU and other details. I would say looking at about £225

  bibo1465 22:19 08 Sep 06

I have AMD 3400+,floppy disk,drd writer,dvd rom,2 80mm fan installed inside the case to keep my hard disk cool.

hopefully for more reply from all of you.

thank you

  woodchip 22:25 08 Sep 06

You may get a bit more but it would be pushing it, as they have come down that fast in price for new

  bibo1465 06:23 18 Sep 06

hi everyone

i wrote to you about selling my pc,can you please give me more advise for much i should sell it.

Please see above my thrad:

thank you in advance

  howard63 06:33 18 Sep 06

go to pc world and look at the pcs on display and find the nearest in specifications to your one. I think you will be surprised how much they have come down. I would think Woodchip is at the high end of the price range. If it goes to a friend remember that friend will be seeing adverts for new pcs all the time and will expect you to be a full time pc specialist for anything even slightly strange on the pc.

  Taff™ 06:39 18 Sep 06

I would have said about the same, perhaps a little lower, as woodchip. Ask you friend to make an offer for what he thinks it`s worth to him. If he offers £200 accept it gracefully and anything more than £250 you should decide how good a friend he is. Remember that you are probably not in a position to offer a warranty and should the worst happen you wouldn`t want a mate feeling he had been ripped off.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:10 18 Sep 06

180 to 220 pounds . If you can get that take it as you are more likely to get 160.


  lisa02 08:19 18 Sep 06


  Jak_1 15:10 18 Sep 06

Given that it is 3 years old, out of warranty, in need of a bit of upgrading and that a similar spec machine brand new can be got for as little as £300 - £350 (not from PC World I hasten to add) then I would imagine £150 - £180 as a reasonable price.

Prices of new machines are always dropping and specs increasing, remember the old adage 'As soon as it leaves the shelf the pc is obsolete!'. It is now true to say that a pc is obsolete before it arrives at the store.

Personally I would never buy a secondhand pc as, like cars, you can never be sure a component is going to fail and there is no warantee, can't spell guarantee, to back it up! So £150 to £180 seems to me to be a reasonable price guide.

  ed-0 15:48 18 Sep 06

" can't spell guarantee, "

Join the club M8.

I use click here

Whin I con remembar.;-)

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