I want to run Spybot on Shutdown but how?

  justkevin 10:25 30 May 07

I run Spybot on startup but as it takes a time I would like to do it on shutdown.It is possible to programme this at a certain time but I don't shut down at a certain time,is there some way I can achieve this.

  birdface 10:51 30 May 07

Hi,Sorry but can't help but think it's a great idea.Program your Anti-Virus or whatever to run at a certain time and to Log off computer when it finishes.I have no idea if you can do this,So will keep watching to see if it can be done.Good luck.

  audeal 12:34 30 May 07

If you are able to do what you want to do then remember that if you are not around when it finds some nasties then the computer will not shut down until you remove the nasties. This means that if you go to bed then you computer will be on all night waiting for you to attend to it.

Why not try doing what I often do. That is, running the software when I go for my dinner or tea or just go and watch TV for an hour or so. It is usually finished when I come back.

  MAJ 12:41 30 May 07

audeal makes a good point, but I think it could be done using a Batch file, let me check it out first.

  MAJ 13:17 30 May 07

Open Spybot and go to Mode on the top toolbar and make sure that "Advanced Mode" is ticked. Then click "Settings" on the left of the window. Then click "Settings" and scroll down to the "Automation" section and tick the "Don't ask for fixing confirmation" option. Then close Spybot.

Now open Notepad, Start > Programs > Accessories > Notepad. Paste the lines of code, below, into Notepad and go to File > Save As, and save the file as something like "Spybot scan and shutdown. bat", without the quote marks but it must have the .bat extension. To rest it, save it to your desktop and double-click the .bat file to run it.

Here's the code (5 lines including the blank line):

CD "C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy"

shutdown -s -t 10

Let me know if it works for you. I tested it and it wrks okay for me.

  MAJ 13:45 30 May 07

If the test works okay for you, then just double-click the .bat file before you go to bed, Spybot will run a scan, fix any problems and close down, then your computer will shutdown.

  Stuartli 13:48 30 May 07

Well done MAJ - your peerage awaits (but have the donation ready!)

  MAJ 13:59 30 May 07

LOL, cheers, Stuartli, hope it works okay for justkevin. Donation at the ready, just as soon as I find a brown paper bag. ;)

  Snec 16:35 30 May 07

Unless you have a really old machine, Spybot SnD can be running while you're doing something else. Mine is scanning at the moment and there is absolutely no affect on performance. In fact I often run AVG at the same time.

  audeal 16:39 30 May 07

MAJ: Well done. I was just wondering if it would work with other programs if I was to change the program names to what I want. This could be very useful if it will work.

  MAJ 18:27 30 May 07

Hi audeal. I don't see why not, so long as the program in question doesn't require any user intervention, or, like Spybot, has the option to over-ride the user intervention.

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