I want to remove floppy drive

  Emperor Penguin 15:11 03 Jul 09

I have gone into the bios and disabled the floppy in the boot section of the bios and I have disconnected the cable from the drive but the pc still asks for it when booting up. I just want to remove it because all it does is make a grinding noise at startup. It never gets used for anything now.
how can i successfully remove it?

  MAT ALAN 16:05 03 Jul 09

There are several settings in the BIOS involving floppy drives, make sure you disable them all.

Boot up Floppy Seek
Floppy drive controller
Floppy drive type (change to NONE)

And of course the boot priority should be altered to remove A: or floppy drive from list.

  Emperor Penguin 16:17 03 Jul 09

thanks, I didn't see those options before. fixed now

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