I want to make a FORUM.... how plz?

  Wulfrune 14:12 02 Sep 06

I want to make a gaming forum for my fellow guildmates from World of Warcraft. I see many "free" options out there, but I must admit that I'm wary of anything that you get for "free" because when you get something for free; one usually ends up paying somewhere. So I'm prepared to pay for a forum & domain name (at least that's the way I think I should be heading) however what I need to know is... are there any tools available to help me get a good looking site together, or has anyone any comments that they might find helpful.

Many thanks


  €dstowe 14:20 02 Sep 06

Dozens, hundreds even thousands of forums are created and similar numbers disappear without trace soon afterwards. Very few last until their first year.

Better direct your enthusiasm to something more rewarding.

  Wulfrune 14:36 02 Sep 06

I'm sorry? I thought I was in the "HELPROOM" ..... I must have strayed into the "UNWANTED OPINION ROOM" by mistake.

  spuds 14:39 02 Sep 06

Setting up a forum is no easy task. Depending on the forum's content and members activities, then cost of running and administration as to be taken into account, and this isn't going to be cheap.

Have you thought about your own ISP, and whether they provide 'free' webspace. Something simple along those lines could be worth considering as an experiment trial perhaps.

  Ikelos 14:44 02 Sep 06

might be an idea to latch on to one of the many forums out there, there is a forum for everything you can think of...

  rômanab 14:45 02 Sep 06

You could try asking on the web design forum :o)

click here

  ed-0 14:47 02 Sep 06

this may be worth reading click here, also they seem to have a good forum.

have you posted this or viewed the PCA webdesign forum click here. Most of the clever people who design there own websites can be found there.

  skidzy 14:52 02 Sep 06

Sorry i cant really help you with your question,but i did notice you wrote "or has anyone any comments that they might find helpful."

€dstowe is well respected here and gave you his comments,possibly to save you time and money.Personally i would consider his feedback as im sure he knows what he is talking about.

  €dstowe 14:53 02 Sep 06

I was just trying to give you some advice so you won't be disappointed when the inevitable happens if you go ahead.

Before committing yourself to too much expenditure, try out one of the free forum setups. There is nothing wrong with them. If your forum is successful, then is the time to spend (lots of) money on it.

As Ikelos implies, though, there is probably already a forum on whatever your subject is. You could join that and, as you get more accustomed to the way things operate, get on to the administration of that one. Most likely save you a lot of headaches creating your own.

  ade.h 14:55 02 Sep 06

He was stating a fact, not a criticism. Running a forum takes dedication, tight management even at a micro level (moderation) and a willingness to either promote the heck out of it or be happy that you have four members and some tumbleweed for most of the first year.

  ade.h 14:56 02 Sep 06

PHPBB is the package of choice, by the way. click here for a good example.

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