I want to get to the bottom of my Internet problem

  WrathMaster2 18:29 11 Aug 04

Gah I've had enough of this: my internet disconnects at random intervals and as I play online games with other people it is most inconvenient.
So far I've tried the following things:
1) turned off auto disconnect for IE6 in tools/options/connections/settings/advanced.

2) turned off auto disconnect in modem properties.

3) reinstalled the modem.

4) phoned BT and got the correct settings for my modem.

5) had BT check my line.

6) installed a DSL filter.

the list just goes on.........
If it's a Virus it's one that my antivirus program (avast4) cannot detect.
Is there anything else I can try?
I need some help from an expert.......

  woodchip 18:32 11 Aug 04

If you have and use Outlook Express set it to check for mail every min so that it pings your server, it will stop disconnect or slow it down

  WrathMaster2 18:42 11 Aug 04

This doesn't work because I've tried actually sitting and clicking refresh every minute or so and it still disconnected.....
Please someone help me out!

  end 18:50 11 Aug 04

dial up or broadband?(presume dial-up)

  WrathMaster2 18:52 11 Aug 04

Sorry forgot to type I am on BT openworld broadband.

  end 18:57 11 Aug 04

and OS would be useful for the "experts" out there..please.and any firewall etc on there.

  johnsims 19:01 11 Aug 04

What sort of modem is it? If it is the standard issue BT USB modem then it may well be either: 1. It is duff; or 2. Your PC USB port is not supplying a sufficiently strong and constant flow of power. This would appear to be a common problem with USB modems. Can you get hold of an external ethernet modem and try that. You will also need a LAN port in your pc

  WrathMaster2 19:04 11 Aug 04

I'm on XP.
I may need to get a new Modem by the sound of it....I have an internal PCI modem.

  WrathMaster2 19:09 11 Aug 04

Please recommend a good one somebody :)

  WrathMaster2 19:09 11 Aug 04

Please recommend a good modem somebody :)

  WrathMaster2 19:10 11 Aug 04

sry double post.....

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