I want to erase my hard drive permanently

  Danageddon 30 Apr 13


I have a msi u130 netbook and i want to erase the hard drive. Only thing is there is no built in CD/DVD drive so i cannot load a system disc after i wipe clean. I'm also thinking i won't be able to reboot using factory installed information due to wiping the hard drive.

Can anyone please advise me how to go about adding the system/windows7, will i be able to download from a website for free? How would i go about adding the re boot information to netbook?

Thanks in advance for advice.

  Zak 30 Apr 13

Not sure why you want to erase hard drive. Without external cd/dvd drive, no chance to reinstall Win 7 and programs. Also appears you do not have the Win7 installation CD. You will also need to make sure you have note of your Win 7 serial number and a backup of your documents, emails etc.

I suggest you restore the notebook to factory settings. You will of course lose all your documents unless you have them backed up. You will need a USB memory stick for that or in the cloud with Google,MS outlook Drop box to name a few.

MSI Wind Notebook Factory Restore

  Chronos the 2nd 30 Apr 13

You can use a USB flash drive to install windows 7. Here's how, Win 7 USB.


Win 7 USB 2.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 01 May 13

If your passing the laptop on then:

Reset to factory conditions

Download and install CCleaner Use the wipe Free Space tool on 3 pass

Any data on the drive other than the operating system will be impossible to retrieve.

  Nontek 01 May 13

External USB DVD ROMs are quite cheap these days.

  wee eddie 01 May 13

Many of the Erasure Programs have the option of leaving the OS untouched, while overwriting everything else

  john bunyan 03 May 13

CCleaner (free) has a thorough drive wipe facility.


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