I want to download progs from iplayer and put them on usb stick.

  bumpkin 29 Nov 12

Hi all, as the title, I want to download TV programmes from iplayer and store on usb stick or other memory card. Finding it difficult, can I have your advice please, using Win7 as OS. I need to be able to record the prog onto the mem card so that it can be watched on another tele. Probably easy if you know but I am just going round in circles on this. Any help please.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 29 Nov 12

To save the programme you must have BBC iPlayer Desktop installed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 29 Nov 12
  bumpkin 29 Nov 12

Thank you for the links, have now installed the iplayer software. It comes up on the screen Storage,download settings, startup. I do not understand what this means or what I am supposed to do next.

  bumpkin 30 Nov 12

Hi, thanks for the links, read them carefully I have it up and running fine on my pc in Media Player but I think I was asking the impossible (Copy the file to a usb card and just plug it into another tv that has a USB socket) then expect it to play. It is clearly not written in the same format as if I had recorded it directly from the TV which I can easily do. I will try to explain, if I want to record something from the TV onto a USB card no problem using the card that is plugged into the same TV. The TV I want to play something I have downloaded from iplayerplay on cannot access internet obviously and does not have Media Player, so can't use iplayer. Thought I could just copy it from my PC to USB stick and play it on the TV but not so.


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