i want to connect 2 pc's 1x xp 1x w98

  4848 19:01 21 Apr 05

they are to far apart for a cable so how do i do it ? i am on broadband with just one phone socket, i don't know really were to start please help??

  mgmcc 19:18 21 Apr 05

The most basic way would be to install Wireless Network Adapters in both PCs and create an "Ad Hoc" wireless network. This is one in which the adapters communicate directly with one another, rather than via a Wireless Access Point as in an "Infrastructure" network (normally with a router). You would then enable Internet Connection Sharing in the PC which connects to the modem.

The more sophisticated method is to install a Wireless Router (and if your broadband is ADSL, a combined Router/ADSL modem as a USB modem cannot be used with a router). This allows either PC to go online without being dependent on a "host" PC running and connected to the internet.

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