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  hugh144 13:47 14 Mar 09


I have approximately 500 songs on my old PC and are on my Apple I Pod. As I have a new PC can anyone advise me as to whether I have to re-copy the songs from the CD's onto I Tunes?

Your advice would be appreciated.

  iscanut 14:01 14 Mar 09

Your music will be in a folder in My Music, probably called ITunes !Copy this folder to a USB memory stick of adeqaute size and then copy it back onto your new pc. OR copy onto a DVD and then copy back to new pc.

  hugh144 14:38 14 Mar 09

Hi Iscanut

Many thanks for your prompt reply - very much appreciated as I didn't fancy the tedious job of re-copying the CD's.

Have a good weekend.

  ^wave^ 14:43 14 Mar 09

take a look at ilounge they are really good at ipods and there tutorials will guide you through the process

  john bunyan 16:32 14 Mar 09

Two further points; When you install iTunes on new PC you need to authorise it (and, if you wish) de authorise the old one by clicking on "store" in iTunes and following the prompts.
Second. Strongly reccomend you have a back up of your tunes somewhere else, such as an external Hard Drive, or at worst on DVD's (as data files) - just copy the iTunes Music folder to the back up location.

  john bunyan 17:58 14 Mar 09

Another alternative (be careful to have back up) is to set up i tunes to manually sync. iPods, then import your tunes from the i Pod - temporarily using it as an external hard drive and using windows expolrer to copy the iTunes muic folder from the iPod to a folder on the new PC. Probably easier to do what iscanut says.

  hugh144 22:10 14 Mar 09

Many thanks to all for taking the time to reply. It looks as if iscanut's response is the easiest option.

(This forum is marvellous - used it a number of times over the years).

Diolch yn fawr.

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