I like to try AVG 8

  ronalddonald 11:45 17 Jul 08

Can anyone tell me where i can downlaod avg 8 from.
Whats the best way to run it, so that it doens't take too long to run, all of its tools.
And is better than AVG 7.5?
Many thanks for replies

  Pamy 12:11 17 Jul 08
  2neat 12:22 17 Jul 08

V7.5 will be phased out soon so you will have to upgrade to v8 sometime. I think once you have downloaded you will need to remove v7.5 first before installing v8. just follow the prompts.

Good luck

  sinbads 12:56 17 Jul 08

"Whats the best way to run it, so that it doens't take too long to run, all of its tools"

Not sure what you mean by this AVG8 is a package rather than a single antivirus, Best way to run it, is to let it run, since he program is checking for viruses ans well as spyware/malware it will take a little longer.

Personally i have had no problems with AVG8 from day 1 scan times are a little longer than 7.5 version ;but not much, and have not noticed any slowdown during its daily scan.

  RJack 13:37 17 Jul 08

Is AVG 8.0 free?

Are there any good Free spywares didn't AVG used to have one?

Is Windows best free Firewaal?

  keverne 13:54 17 Jul 08

So why did you hijack this thread?

Start your own!

  ronalddonald 14:23 17 Jul 08

Thank you all for your input.
Yes AVG is free and if follow Pamy’s link it will take you there.

Special thanks to Pamy for providing the link, I made a goof of the first install realized you can't run two anti-virus programs at the same time. That was my mistake but got it sorted, took around 17 mins for scan which is a lot better.

  ferrers32 15:37 17 Jul 08

I recently installed AVG 8 Free version on my pc but I have two issues with it (so far!)

Firstly, when trying to schedule the scan, the times offered do not state am or pm, yet it is only a 12 hour clock. How do I make my choice, as I require it to run in the evening?

Secondly, when I set it (manually at the moment) to run a virus scan it is taking an inordinately long time i.e. just coming up to 5 hours now and still running. Is this right? The 7.5 version was not this long-winded. I am only just about pc-literate, so please, if any response to this, please keep it easy to understand!! Many thanks.

  ronalddonald 15:57 17 Jul 08

ive ticked resolved. i think it be better to start a new thread. that was @14.23 hours.

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