I think I've knackered my graphics card!!

  shortcircuit 00:29 12 Dec 04

Hi All.
Posting this as a warning as well as a possible solution!!!

I had a very good 9800pro graphics card which a friend said would overclock nicely with a Artic cooler v3 fitted.
So I bought one and carefully removed the old stock cooler and fitted the new cooler and reinstalled.

Now I have pixalation in bars about 1 inch wide down my screen and it doesn't matter what I do...they will not go.

Someone please tell me there is a fix..or does it mean I have just lost £140 !!

I have been told that I probably scratched the core on removal/fitting and thats it!


  shortcircuit 00:49 12 Dec 04

Help anyone?

  Belatucadrus 00:55 12 Dec 04

Have you actually overclocked it ? and if so what percentage increase did you apply ?

  shortcircuit 01:03 12 Dec 04

Never got to overclocking. Put it back in as standand and there were the marks on the screen. I can see the pixalation even in BIOS writing. Have uninstalled and installed new drivers and have also checked core for scratches but can see no damage. Feel like crying!

Daren't tell the wife....she was asking what i was doing with it all apart and I said I was making things better! When are us men gonna learn to leave things alone when they are going fine!

  JIM 04:27 12 Dec 04

Are sure your base of the heatsink is making proper contact and enough thermal compound has bridged any poss,gaps with the centre of cpu/core.

  shortcircuit 07:50 12 Dec 04


Even went and put std cooler back on to be sure.

  Belatucadrus 10:21 12 Dec 04

Try cleaning the card contact edge strip with isopropyl alchohol or some other solvent and re-seating it in the MOBO. Bit of a long shot but worth a try.

  shortcircuit 12:24 12 Dec 04

Could it be repaired?

  Belatucadrus 12:57 12 Dec 04

Without knowing what's wrong, it's difficult to say, but I would think it unlikely.

  shortcircuit 13:01 12 Dec 04

Thanks for your help. I think its too late to change my xmas prezzy so will have to sneek a new one in somehow!

  Belatucadrus 13:12 12 Dec 04

Try it in another PC, that'll at least confirm if it's the card at fault.

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