I think I've been hacked

  wildhouse 22:21 06 Feb 12

I have a message on one of my tabs saying that I have been hacked by Destroyer. Can anyone advise what I should do? This is the first time this has happened in over 15 years of computer use.

  Woolwell 22:46 06 Feb 12

I'm not aware of that threat. Are you sure that it isn't one of these spam pages to get you to buy anti-virus/reg cleaner.

You fail to mention which browser (I assume that the tab is on a browser), which OS and what anti-virus/malware you have.

You should immediately run a full anti-virus scan preferably in safe mode. If you haven't already got it then I suggest you run Malwarebytes.

  wildhouse 23:28 06 Feb 12

Thanks for your reply. I use more than one browser at once - the one that the message came up on was Google Chrome. When I closed down I had 2 tabs open - one was Facebook and the other www.christymoore.com; when I logged back in Facebook was as normal but christymoore.com had become destroyer.dk with the whole page telling me I have been hacked by D3$TROY3R. I use Windows 7 and run Avast. I ran Adaware which detected ilividsetupv1.exe Family Name: Win32.PUP.Bandoo[800] Engine: 1 Clean status: Success Item ID: 0 Family ID: 0 MD5: ba6b38dc8be9ab5365b8599d8b826dfa. I also ran Windows Defender which found nothing. I have cleared my browsing history and clicked on delete all cookies when closing.

  lotvic 00:57 07 Feb 12

Don't panic, it's not your pc that's been hacked, it's the webpage you visited has been hacked to redirect you to destoyer.tk/ he thinks he is very clever, but he is just a pain. Ting tong, ting tong. Still the music is quite nice.... and I suppose it will keep the websites Admin busy tightening their security.

Firefox stops the page redirecting, but if I click on 'allow' I see the 'Hacked By D3$TROY3R' page.

  onthelimit1 08:53 07 Feb 12

If you're having redirect problems, try running the TDSS Killer from Kaspersky (free).

  wildhouse 17:50 07 Feb 12

Thanks, all - will try and let that website know of the problem as I would like to access it again!

  lotvic 19:35 07 Feb 12

I think it's fixed now, because I don't get the message from Firefox asking me to 'Allow' and www.christymoore.com displays ok.

  lotvic 19:42 07 Feb 12

or maybe not all of the site is cleaned up yet, when I click on Lyrics for A pair of brown eyes, where the lyrics should have been, It said 'Hacked by alvaro para el lamm.............. lammer :) but rest of page seemed to be ok.

  wildhouse 20:00 07 Feb 12

Thanks - it's not a site I would expect to have a huge following (although he is very popular!) so an odd site for a hacker to choose.


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