I think I have a virus

Suddenly on one of my acounts (this is a limited account on my XP Pro) IE7 opens and then immediatly closes. Firefox reports it cannot connect.

On my admin account they work OK (or seem to).

I created another limited account and the same problem occurs

Advice welcome.

  ICF 12:46 07 Mar 08

Have you done a virus and spyware scan?

  ICF 12:50 07 Mar 08

Have you tried a repair of IE7

Open IE7 select tools,internet options,advanced,reset.

I have reinstalled XPpro as if I have a virus and it cannot be identified with Norton, AAW or Spybot it is well hidden.

Now all the trial of setting up my network etc.

  Totally-braindead 17:40 07 Mar 08

If you have reinstalled windows and not done a repair do remember to reinstall you motherboard drivers before you do anything else. If not you might find some bits don't work right.

  DieSse 21:51 07 Mar 08

This link explainns how to make programs work in a limited account that do work in an administrative account.

Be careful, as it involves changing the registry

click here

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