I think i broke the PC...

  Throttleup 15:50 30 Dec 05

Hi there,

Any help would be appreciated. Was installing new memory today into my bro's pc. One of the screws were stuck so couldn't completely see everything, anyway ended up putting the memory in wrong (the chips were on the left instead of the right) and i started the pc up. When i did nothing happened so took it apart again and this time managed to get the screw off. To my horror i realised that i put it in the wrong way. I corrected it and now when the pc is switched on an alarm goes off inside and nothing appears on the monitor.

Have i buggered it or is there hope?


  007al 15:53 30 Dec 05

What screw are you talking about?
Your memory shouldnt fit the wrong way

  Throttleup 15:55 30 Dec 05

Well it went in.

And the screw i mean is the screw holding the outer panels on the case.

  woodchip 16:00 30 Dec 05

Not posible to get mamory in wrong, only by breaking something

  Throttleup 16:01 30 Dec 05

Hmm, then i wonder why there's an alarm...

There's nothing lying on the mobo so I assume nothing is broken...

  Fingees 16:01 30 Dec 05

It's not the side the chips are mounted that is important, it's where the notch is on the card with respect to the slot you are putting it in.

It won't go right in if notch is in wrong place, as it is obstructed

If you put it in crooked you should notice prior to switching on.

You could have damaged the card, or at worst the motherboard. But it is unlikely.

All the best.

  007al 16:11 30 Dec 05

As Fingees said,theres a notch on the memory stick,past the halfway mark.You will know when the stick is seated properly,as the white clips at each end will lock over the ends

  Doire_Bhoy 16:12 30 Dec 05

When memory isnt seated right the pc keeps beeping until its fixed.

Reseat the memory and it should stop beeping.

  Throttleup 16:41 30 Dec 05

I've taken the stick out that i put in and indeed the computer has stopped beeping.

Now i can't see anything on the monitor. It sounds as if the pc is booting up but nothing appears on the monitor. What a mess this is. Any clues?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:44 30 Dec 05

Switch off and remove / reseat the grahics card

  Throttleup 16:45 30 Dec 05

The graphics is onboard.

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