I think i broke my laptop!

  ynohtna 08:05 03 Mar 09

Morning team!about 2 weeks ago i downloaded IE8 onto my dated Acer Aspire 1605LC (Windows XP). No dramas. This week i received an update from Norton prompting me to upgrade my Norton 360 to Norton 360 2.0... i did so... no dramas. Now my laptop / web browser has become decididly slow... a swift Goggle search revealed that Norton 360 vers 2.0 doesnt work well with IE8... No probs i thought... i'll un-install IE8, go back to IE7 and all will be well. I visited the Microsoft website and began following the instructions (destructions?!). Step 1 required me to uninstall XP service pack 3, Step 2 required me to uninstall IE8, Step 3 required me to re-install IE7... all using the install / uninstall wizards on screen...easy i thought... . So, Step 1.. uninstall service pack 3... followed the wizard.. it started, it finished, pc re-started.... logged back in to follow step 2 only to find my browser is totally unusable.... (im guessing due to the missing SP3?)... I'm not the most technically minded...... anyone have any clues how i can get back on track even if it means keeping IE8... at least with that i still had a (slow) browser... im hoping i dont have to return to factory settings...

  mooly 08:18 03 Mar 09

There's a message in all the above... a bit late for Tony though... use a disc image backup ( Acronis ? ) then things like this are a non problem. Hope you can sort it without a reinstall...

  Diodorus Siculus 08:19 03 Mar 09

Have you tried system restore to the last date before installation of IE8?

  ynohtna 08:25 03 Mar 09

Diodorus Siculus,
I have no idea how to do a system restore.... care to share! it could be the answer..!

  oldbeefer2 08:43 03 Mar 09

Start, Programs, Accesories, System Tools, click System Restore. Then choose a point before you had the problems.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:43 03 Mar 09

click here for a guide.

  oldbeefer2 08:44 03 Mar 09

IE8 seemed to make mt XP PC dreadfully slow. Uninstalled it back to IE7 and all OK again.

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