I-search toolbar appeared from nowhere and......

  SumKindaMonster 15:57 04 Apr 04

I have an i search toolbar branding on my internet explorer ic annot find any thing in teh ad remove programs and all the options when you right click on ie are greyed out any advice on hwo ic an remove it

  bremner 16:00 04 Apr 04

click here for removal instructions

  MikeyT 16:01 04 Apr 04

Download Ad Aware

click here

Make sure it is upto date with latest update and simply run it.

  SumKindaMonster 18:56 04 Apr 04

thanks guys problem sorted

  www.angerofgod.net 19:00 04 Apr 04

actually no it hasnt sorted it out its still tehre

  Proxy Worm 19:11 04 Apr 04

Get SpywareBlaster, this will prevent it from ever being installed in the first place. click here

  www.angerofgod.net 19:33 04 Apr 04

i cant get any of that stuff everytime i click ona linek taht you guys post it takes me to a isearch page can anyone give me a filename of the files im downloading then ill get it off filemirrors

  VoG II 20:00 04 Apr 04

CWShredder should sort this click here

  www.angerofgod.net 20:03 04 Apr 04

it does the same thing when i click the link tog o to get cwshredder

  VoG II 20:07 04 Apr 04

Can I suggest that you click here and post a HijackThis log.

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