i river mp3

  iqs 16:27 13 May 06


Hello,When I connect the IRIVER its not detected as an external device.
When connected its asks for the required software to be installed,music software and drivers.When installed it work ok.It just takes ages to use.My other MP3 player required no software and was plug and play.I use FREE RIP to convert my music.I hoping to use the IRIVER in the same way,but no such luck.Any ideas???.Cheers,Mike

  rodriguez 18:25 13 May 06

If it's an iRiver H10 model like mine there's a trick to make it recognise as a removable USB drive. Unplug the player from the computer and remove the battery. Push the battery back in then connect the player to the computer. Hold down the o button then turn the player on. Keep the o button held down till it says "Emergency Connect" in the top right corner of the screen and release the button. It should then get recognised as a removable USB drive by the PC and you can just drag and drop files onto it. This might also work on other models, but I have only tried it on the H10 model.

  SB23 20:03 13 May 06

I was given an mp3 last year, but have used WMP10 to put my music onto it. The software that came with it, never worked.
WMP10 sees it as an "F" drive, and is easier to use. Try it.


  iqs 20:41 13 May 06

Hello rodriguez and SB23.I have tried your suggestion SB23,but no luck,cheers.rodriguez,can you clarify which button o is on the MP3.Many thanks to you both.Cheers,Mike

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