I removed TV card while Laptop on-now nothing

  per4mer 12:06 23 Dec 05

Help I have an Acer 2023 laptop & was useing a TV card when I went to adjust the card & the lap top went off!! It will not fire up- no lights nothing absolutly flat dead. There is heat underneath but I dont think more than usual. The clock has stop& fixed on the time it happened just to rum salt in the wound. Any help with suggestions would be gra8ful.

  octal 12:46 23 Dec 05

I hate to say it but I think you've done some serious damage. Have you tried removing the TV card to see if the computer boots?

  PaulB2005 13:14 23 Dec 05

"It will not fire up- no lights nothing absolutly flat dead"

"The clock has stop& fixed on the time it happened "

Bit lost here. Is the laptop on or not? What clock?

  De Marcus™ 13:31 23 Dec 05

Some acer models have a small digital clock lcd on the front of the machine, I presume this is what is being referred too.

  De Marcus™ 13:37 23 Dec 05

you can just make it out from this screen print of my screensaver click here

  per4mer 13:53 23 Dec 05

Hi Thanks for the speedy response. The good news here is I decided to take a look at the `accessable compartments` I removed the battery 1st then checked the memory compartment,hard disk bay,mini pci slot for damage and could see no sign of `damage at all` put it back together inserted the bat` & realized the LCD clock on the lcd clock had gone out because of the Bat` removel,curiosity caused me to attempt anther try and `the gods must have been with`it all fire up ,working as though nothing had happened all files in tact ect: Removing the bat` must have reset it all, is it possible that it had `froze` on. I dont know but thank you all for the fast responce this might happen to some else I hope not its quite frightening, considering the kid gloves I use when handleing this baby.
once again a BIG Thanks PC Adviser`s.

  Pidder 14:21 23 Dec 05

Dare I say a good kick sometimes works wonders - is this the origin of the term "boot"?

  Gongoozler 16:49 23 Dec 05

I think some logic device had got confused and removing the battery acted as a master reset reverting everything to it's initial condition. I had a rather similar situation when I unplugged a slave hard drive while the computer was switched on. I thought I had seriously damaged something, but after removing the power for a few minutes all was OK again.

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