i player - adobe problems

  jaberwokey 21:38 16 May 11

Hi there

I am currently experiencing problems with i player (although i am sure it is a wider issue). Wwhen i fire up bbc a program normally cebeebies it starts and then freezes but sound continues. function buttons also don't seem to work and volume is low and cannot be raised. After i little while when i player is running as above the following message appears "A script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash player 10 to run slowly. If you continue to run, your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort script"? I have selected yes and the program runs ok but the volume, full screen etc options sometimes will not work.

A computer user but only in offive environment so step by step appreciated



  bremner 21:46 16 May 11

Can you confirm you have Adobe Flash 10 installed and not an earlier version

  jaberwokey 22:49 17 May 11

Hi there

Thanks for response..

I think i am on 9, i have tried downloading 10 but get lots of gobble de gook fail messages which i guess are associated with the main problem??

Sorry for slow response, have a 3 yr old who does not seem to like sleep unlike me!



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