I Pad photo size question.

  john bunyan 08:58 14 Mar 13

On my PC I usually keep photos taken on a camera , if they are "snapshots", at 7"x 5" at 300 dpi so I can print 2 to a page. This works out, for jpegs at about 1,400 Kb. I keep a folder for a photoframe where, to save space and realising that 72dpi is the max on screen, I reduce the copies to 72 dpi at a photoframe size, so the size comes down to about 60Kb. The instructions for the iPad are unclear re importing photos to it. Do I continue as with the photoframe to shrink them before transfer, or does the iPad do it automatically? I have a 32 Gig one so want to avoid too big jpegs.

  Woolwell 10:57 14 Mar 13

I don't bother with any re-sizing for the iPad. With a fairly large hard drive I keep my photos in jpeg format usually still in mbs. Photos transferred to the iPad through iTunes are optimised for the iPad which, as I understand it, is a form of compression reducing the photos to a suitable size for the iPad. Related is the iPod Photo Cache on your pc Apple support which keeps the optimised images sent to the iPad. You will see that the thumbnails are quite small in size.

I suggest that the answer to your question is to let iTunes do its thing and not shrink before transfer as you could get further shrinking with loss of resolution.

BTW if you transfer through Dropbox then this optimisation doesn't take place.

  Woolwell 10:59 14 Mar 13

I have several hundred photos on my 32Gb iPad and am nowhere near capacity.

  john bunyan 11:33 14 Mar 13


Thanks for prompt response. I will just see , by using Windows explorer, what happens re size when it optimises.

  iscanut 12:55 14 Mar 13

Like Woolwell I just transfer my .jpeg photos from my windows pc to my I Pad via I Tunes sync and do not resize at all. There are all around 4Mb to 5 Mb in size and have no problems ( 32 Gb I Pad as well ! )

  Woolwell 13:08 14 Mar 13

They are optimised for viewing and I don't find a problem with viewing on the TV through the iPad. Where I suspect that I would find a difference is if I printed a photo from the iPad which would have a lesser resolution than that on the PC. How much difference I don't know as I haven't tried it. Photos taken on the iPad are not reduced.

  john bunyan 14:16 14 Mar 13

Thanks. Maybe I am too used to DIY and forget that iPads are clever!

  Woolwell 14:57 14 Mar 13

Hope that you are enjoying the iPad.

  john bunyan 15:55 14 Mar 13


Yes, thanks. I bought it in the hope my wife will use it - she is a bit technophobic. So far she cautiously using it to surf... I have found it a bit difficult to set up e Mail under the "Other" category as I cant remember all the passwords and server protocols from Pipex - Tiscali - now Talk Talk, so she has a G Mail on the iPad at the moment. Reading a book on it and I suspect most folk only use a quarter of its potential. We are not Facebook or Twitterers ..

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