tburchell 09:18 AM 26 Jul 11

Hello, I am just about the purchase a 4TB hard drive and a media player in order to back up my DVD collection and play the content out via a media player into my HD TV. I have been recommended the following, which I would be grateful for some feedback:

http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/r/151110/000/ http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/r/740605/000/

Before I take the plunge if someone in “the know” could guide me as to whether the above kit is good or not I should be very grateful. If you also have any other recommendations to offer, please feel free, as I want to get this purchase right first time.

Kind Regards,

Tim Burchell

  shezzer 19:12 PM 26 Jul 11

It seems this media player only supports 2tb + 1tb hard drives in total.I have a WD TV LIVE media player which supports 2 x 2tb hard drives i can recommend this media player its plays everything i throw at it and the warranty is excellent

  tburchell 09:33 AM 27 Jul 11

Hi Shezzer, thanks very much for your advice!!!

I am thinking of using the file format ISO, does this drive support this?

I've had a look on Amazon, is this link the same product?


Many thanks,


  shezzer 19:24 PM 27 Jul 11

Hi Tim Yes this is the same product. In answer to your question it does play iso files but i think its a bit hit and miss wether they play depending on software used to make the image . Also the file sizes will be very large especially if you are backing up blu-ray discs


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