I need a Time Calculator

  Audeal 16:30 20 Jun 03

Hi All. I have just spent all afternoon searching Google and others, looking for a Time Calculator.

All I need is a simple Calculator in Base 60 so I can addup time. For example 0:18:34 + 0:23:15 = 0:41:49 (I hope I got that right), (In HH;MM:SS). It is amazing that such a simple thing is so hard to find.

Any help would be appreciated. Audeal

  Agent Smith 16:43 20 Jun 03

Just a thought but won't excel do that with the right formula. I only use excel for adding up invoices etc. but I'm sure someone will prove me right or wrong.

  Audeal 16:49 20 Jun 03

Thanks (007?) but I don't use excell, in fact I don't know what it is although I think it is a Spreadsheet. A simple calculator will do nicely thanks.

  GroupFC 16:51 20 Jun 03

I've just tried it in excel, but have a problem when it goes over 24 hours.

I am sure that it is possible to do it in excel,so we'll just have to wait for VoG®, to come along when all will be revealed!

  Megatyte 16:55 20 Jun 03

You say you don't use Excel, but do you have it installed?

Excel will do what you want with the right functions and formatting.


  bremner 17:02 20 Jun 03

click here for an online one

  VoG® 17:04 20 Jun 03

Calc98 can do time calculations click here

  Jester2K II 17:14 20 Jun 03

I deleted a spreadsheet yesterday that i sent to someone to show them how to do a time sheet which added days and hours using a dd:hh:mm:ss format!! Not that its much use but i'd like to compare to VoGs way....

  VoG® 17:30 20 Jun 03

In Excel, to display the correct result of adding times where the result is greater than 24h, format the result cell as Custom:


  Jester2K II 17:34 20 Jun 03

True that will show 25 hours as 25:00:00 but i did it so it showed 1:1:00:00 (1 day:1 hour:0 mins: 0 seconds) but can't remember how...

  Jester2K II 17:36 20 Jun 03

it was dd:hh:mm:ss. I wrote this above but it wasn't working until i made a change in my spreadsheet...

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