I need a tick

  palinka 16:49 22 Mar 09

Now and again I want to use a tick (in Word) – by “tick” I mean that thing that teachers used to put beside work that was correct (and that some people - not enough - remember to use in this forum when their problem has been resolved.)
Trouble is that I can never find one when I want it; I know how to insert it when I’ve found it, it’s the finding that’s the problem. Don't mind which font .
And a handy shortcut to it would be useful, too. Can anyone help, please?

  bremner 16:57 22 Mar 09

Insert > Symbol and change to Wingdings2.

What I have done is to do an autocorrect entry so that when I type tkk I get a tick symbol.

  ame 17:41 22 Mar 09

Use insert symbol, select Wingings font, choose character no. 252, or (similar to Bremner's post above?) select Wingdings 2 font and choose character no. 80. Character no. 252 is slightly bolder. Cheers.

  johnincrete 15:56 23 Mar 09

In a Word doc that uses Arial font, I needed a tick that could be changed to a X. Tiresome when using Wingdings so now I use square root that is available on Insert Symbol if you page down far enough. It's then on the recently used symbols list to use quickly.

  palinka 18:06 23 Mar 09

thank you all; I've now found it in wingdings2 and will use an autocorrect as per Bremner's advice.
ame, how do I select a character by number?

  ame 14:17 24 Mar 09

In the Insert Symbol dialogue box, after you have selected the font at the top, just type the character number in the Character Code box at the bottom and the cursor will automatically go to that character without having to scroll through them.

  AlouetteIII 14:27 24 Mar 09

Setting up the shortcut keys in 'symbol' can be useful too; I have mine set so that Ctrl 2 gives me a ½ and so on.

  palinka 15:21 24 Mar 09

thanks everyone.

  BT 17:16 24 Mar 09

I get the normal fractions in Word just by typing 1/2,1/4,3/4. They are converted automatically. It doesn't do other ones though.

  oldbeefer2 19:00 24 Mar 09

Well, you learn something everyday - thanks!

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