I need to send some jpgs from my laptop to Desktop

  Wulfrune 21:50 27 Apr 04

Both use Win XP Pro and both have lan cards, however I'm not totally sure what to do... Help me please?

  woodchip 21:57 27 Apr 04

An easy one, get a USB link cable from a computer fair put the software drivers on both computers then just plug in and double click the icon's on both desktop's you can then see both Explorer type tree's it's just then Drag and drop About £16 from a Computer Fair

  daba 22:48 27 Apr 04

Would this be easier than linking together with a CAT5 crossover cable on the LAN ports ?

  daba 22:50 27 Apr 04

Do you have a digital camera?

Does it have a memory card?

Do you have a USB card reader for the card?

If Yes Yes Yes, then you can use the memory card to transfer the files, just like a USB memory stick, pen drive, flash drive, or whatever else they are called these days.

  Wulfrune 18:16 29 Apr 04

Worked a treat... thanks to all

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