I need a new laptop

  emmandelo1 15:50 05 Jul 12

Hi, my 6 year old laptop that I bought from PC Specialist is dying and I'm looking around for a new one. Currently XP but I know I'm going to have to go with Win 7.I can only afford around £450. My current one has 4 USB ports and one of them has a 4 port external hub plugged in. Looking around I can't seem to find any laptops with 4 USB ports. They all seem to have a maximum of 3. I would welcome any suggestions. Need a minimum of 500GB hard drive. I don't do gaming but I do a fair bit of multi tasking, playing music while I'm working on photos etc. and often have 4 or 5 programs open at the same time. Thanks.

  chub_tor 19:23 05 Jul 12

There is at least one from Dell

  chub_tor 19:25 05 Jul 12

Or this one also from Dell or just Google Laptops with 4 usb ports as I did

  northumbria61 22:48 05 Jul 12

It doesn't need to have 4 USB ports - just buy one of these enter link description here

  frybluff 00:10 06 Jul 12

Some Lenovo models have 4 X USB, within your budget. You may have to stretch budget, a bit, if you want any of them to be USB3.0.

  morddwyd 07:45 06 Jul 12

Wait as long as possible.

With Win 8 due in October there will be a whole rash of new machines optimized for the new O/S, particularly touch screen, and there might be a lot of clearance offers on "older" laptops

  chub_tor 09:29 06 Jul 12

northumbria61 the OP already has one of those, he mentions it in his request but for reasons of his own he obviously needs a total of 7 USB ports.

frybluff, if you know of some Lenovo models that have 4 USB ports within the budget why not give links to them? It will save someone else hunting for them.

  emmandelo1 11:03 13 Jul 12

Thanks for the advice. I think I'll take Morddwyd's advice and wait now that they've announced Win8 will be available in October.

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